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Saturday, October 16, 2021

For Fun!
·Nick Jr.
·Crayola (great puzzles!)
·Weekly Reader
· Color online, 1000+ pictures!
·POPCAP Creators of Bejeweled, Zuma & more!

Fun Learning!
Fact Monster!
·World Atlas
·America's Library Story of America
·OLogy Super Science!
·NASA 4 Kids
·KIDS @ Random House
·WebMuseum - Inspirational!

For Parents!
·Parenting of K-6 Children
·Children’s Book Council
·Capt. Zoom Personal B-Day Song!
·Colors for Kidz! A new way to learn about colors!

5 Little Pumpkins Animation!
Click Here for the 5 Little Pumpkins animation!
Watch Daniel's "Battle of Bunker Hill" Project
on YouTube
Watch Hannah's "Pocket Room Buzzer" Commercial
on YouTube
Shuffle/Re-Start Music

Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, & the Gang!


Watch Spiderman do The Boogie 
Spiderman does disco!

Click Here to Watch